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Relying solely on strength training or yoga may not provide the comprehensive results desired for weight loss. While strength training is effective for building muscle mass and boosting metabolism, it may not address flexibility, stress reduction, or mindfulness. Similarly, yoga offers relaxation and mindfulness benefits, but it may not provide the same muscle-building benefits as strength training or significant calorie burning.

Both strength training and yoga have their strengths, but they are most effective when integrated into a balanced fitness routine that includes cardiovascular exercise, flexibility training, and mindfulness practices. By combining different forms of exercise, you create a holistic approach that targets various aspects of physical fitness and mental well-being, leading to more sustainable weight loss and overall health improvements.

We encourage all our members to take advantage and enrol in weekly one yoga session by our certified yoga instructor for better long term results and maintaining muscle relaxation and inner peace.

Our kids yoga classes:

Is your child ready for an exciting adventure of movement, laughter, and self-discovery?
Our kids yoga classes are the perfect blend of fun and mindfulness, designed to ignite their imagination and nurture their well-being.

What Makes Our Classes Special?

Playful Themes: Each class is a new adventure!

Engaging Activities: Through interactive games, storytelling, and creative poses, kids develop strength, flexibility, and coordination while having a blast.

Mindfulness Practices: We introduce simple mindfulness and breathing exercises to help children cultivate focus, relaxation, and emotional awareness.

Inclusive Environment: Our classes are open to children of all abilities and backgrounds. We celebrate diversity and create a safe, supportive space for everyone to shine.

Certified Instructors: Our experienced instructors are not only certified yoga teachers but also passionate about working with children, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for every participant.

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Give your child the gift of wellness and joy! Enrol them in our kids yoga classes and watch them blossom into confident, resilient individuals.

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