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Overall, we offer a comprehensive fitness program that includes individual and group workout sessions, sessions for children, and personalized nutrition guidance. This variety allows clients to choose the type of training that suits their preferences and goals while promoting a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.

Three Complementary Workouts:

We provide three complementary workouts to be completed within one week.

Nutrition Sessions:

In addition to the workout sessions, we provide 1:1 nutrition sessions are offered for personalised guidance on Nutrition and healthy eating habits.

1:1 Workout Sessions:

We offer 1:1 workout sessions with a personal trainer or coach. These sessions are personalized to the individual's needs and goals. At least two sessions per week are provided, and the trainer will also provide a workout schedule for the rest of the week.

Group Workout Sessions:

We offer group workout sessions, which involve training with a small group of individuals. These sessions provide a supportive and motivating environment for participants. Three sessions per week are available for individuals who prefer a group setting.

Workout Sessions for Children:

We provide workout sessions specifically designed for children aged 8 and over. These sessions are tailored to the unique needs and abilities of children, focusing on age-appropriate exercises and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Three sessions per week are offered for children.

Wellness Counseling:

Wellness sessions 1:1 & group sessions :
Our wellness counselor gives guidance and support to individuals seeking to improve their relationship with food and exercise and over all adopt healthy lifestyle. Through personalized counseling sessions , we help identifying emotional eating patterns, triggers, and help develop mindful eating practices. We also help in identifying true barriers to exercising and try to help guidance to continue exercising.

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